Did you ever have one of those mornings when?


Today my morning commute to work was one of pure exasperation. I regularly travel to work by way of commuter rail, then by way of the MBTA Green Line. The trip usually allows me to catch up on some reading, or to write some of my novel. Well, this morning’s train was 20 minutes late getting to the Anderson Regional Transportation Center in Woburn, which made my arrival time at North Station at 8:05 a.m. As I proceeded downstairs to the T station I noticed that the Green line was also backed up, potential passengers lined 4 deep at the station. At this point I knew that I was in for a rough morning. My Green line train rolled in and as I settled in my seat I wondered if I was in for another interesting ride. As the subway pulled into Park Street Station the students from the Match School got on for their ride to Commonwealth Ave in Boston. These students are attending the Match School to prepare themselves for college and beyond. They typically start their day on the subway by finishing their homework, comparing notes and answers. Well, this morning one of the young ladies noticed that she left her books and project on the subway platform! The doors to the subway had already closed. The young lady was distraught and yelled to the subway driver to open the doors but of course he did not. Sobbing , the young lady again yelled for him to open the doors to no avail. As the subway pulled out of Park Street the young student decided that she was going to pull the emergency switch on the subway. She put everyone on that train in harms way when she did this. Of course, the passengers voiced their displeasure at this act of selfishness on the behalf of the student. How dare she pull that alarm! The sad thing is that the operator of the train did not come back into the subway to see if there was an actual emergency. Now I really feel safe on this subway! Anyway, my morning commute had me arriving at my office door 25 minutes late, not as bad as I thought.
So, how was your morning??