Patriots crushed by the Ravens

Did you ever look forward to Christmas morning only to find that you didn’t get what you wanted? Well, this afternoon I experienced this feeling as the Patriots were run over by the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Wild Card game 33-14. The Raven’s game plan of attacking the Patriots with blitzes and pressuring Tom Brady worked to perfection. Brady looked more like a second string rookie, tossing three interceptions in the game.
In Bill we trust? Perhaps it’s time for Bill to re-think not hiring back Charlie Weiss who is rumored to be going to the Kansas City Chiefs as their new offensive coordinator. Who’s game plan was it to hold both Sammie Morris and Fred Taylor to only 3 rushing attempts? Julian Edelman came through catching 6 passes for 44 yards and two touchdowns filling in for the injured Wes Welker.

This game was over in the first quarter as the Ravens opened the game with an 83 yard touchdown by Ray Rice on the first play from scrimmage.

The Pats were there own worst enemy as Joe Flacco was a mere mortal with only 9 passing yards in the first half. The Patriots turned the ball over 3 times helping the Ravens to score 17 points off of those turnovers.

How much was Tom Brady injured going into this game? We will never know for sure, but I am betting that the stories will come out sooner or later.

Well, one thing is for sure, I waited for this game all week with trepidation. With the Patriots playing at home their chances at least to win were good as this loss was the first all season. Again, like some past Christmas mornings I was disappointed but their is always next year!


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