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Jim Rice’s uniform number will be retired by the Sox. For an exclusive interview with Sox legend Fred Lynn on Rice’s accomplishments watch my show tomorrow evening from 8-9pm on WCTV.Thank you Bill Roberts for interviewing Fred! We will be airing a LIVE Red Sox Weekly tomorrow evening July 23 from 8-9pm Eastern time. It can be seen on Verizon channel 37, and Comcast channel 9. Our live call in number is 978-658-7888.


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Is Tim Wakefield headed to the Hall of Fame?

In 1992 the price of gasoline was $1.05. The average income was $30,030. Bill Clinton becomes the President of the United States, and AT$&T releases the first video telephone which came with a price tag of $1499.00. Tim Wakefield’s major league career also began in 1992. After 16 seasons Wakefield was voted to his first All-Star team this past week. The Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan stated in his column that Tim would not be elected to the Hall of Fame. Well, I for one think that Ryan is wrong on this one.

Let’s look at Tim’s numbers and compare them with two other knuckleball pitchers who are in the Hall of Fame, Hoyt Wilhelm, and Phil Niekro.

Tim’s win/loss record for his 17 years is 188W-160L, .540 % comparable to 143W-122L, .540% for Wilhelm, and 318W-274L, .537% for Niekro.
Tim averages 203 innings pitched, vs 137 for Wilhelm, 233 for Niekro. Tim has more on more than one occasion saved his bullpen by eating up innings while he was on the mound.

In 1999 Wakefield actually save 15 games for the Red Sox.

The post season stats favor Tim as Wilhelm and Niekro appeared in only two games.

Three cheers to Wakefield for his election to the All Star Game in 2009. Thumbs down to Ryan for suggesting that Tim will not be elected to the Hall of Fame!