Red Sox Weekly Host Rick Aronofsky talks to Red Sox pitching legend (and 1975 World Series Game 1 and 4 winner) Luis Tiant.


Watch a replay of the award winning show Red Sox Weekly with Rick Aronofsky. Rick’s guest on the program is legendary Red Sox pitcher Luis Tiant.
Red Sox Weekly airs on WCTV in Wilmington Massachusetts.


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Do you have a story to tell? Do you remember an event in your life which you would like to share with others? WCTV in Wilmington MA is in production of a new TV program called Memories. We are looking for contributors to our program. We will tape your segment to air on a future show. Your segment can be as much as 30 minutes in length, or as small as 10 minutes in length. To arrange for a taping of your story in our studio please contact the host Rick Aronofsky @