In Bill we trust


Bill Belichick always preaches that players win games not the coaches, well the Patriots lost  Super Bowl  LII because of an arrogant human being who refused to recognize that players win games. In the biggest game of the year, one that players and coaches strive to get to Bill Belichick let his ego get in the way of winning the ultimate prize. Malcom Butler’s 2017 season performance was uneven at best, but he was the Patriots best option to bring home the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday. Bill is not completely to blame here, where were his assistant coaches during halftime when Belichick usually adjusts his game plan based on what happened in the first half? Malcom Butler also should take the blame for not recognizing the need to make sure absolutely nothing he did would jeopardize playing time on Sunday. Perhaps this was Bill Belichick’s way of getting back at Robert Kraft and Tom Brady for the way that the Garappolo issue was handled. If that is the case then Kraft should have a sit down with Bill and remind him of his obligations to put the best team on the field. Tom Brady played one of his best games of his career and has nothing to show for it, he should be pissed and this will further divide the relationship that he has had with Belichick. In Bill we trust..



Hot Stove


The Boston Red Sox are entertaining trading Jackie Bradley Jr. despite what management has said. No General Manager or Manager of any kind would admit to offering up a player as part of a trade strategy. I for one think it is a mistake to put JBJ on the block. This team needs strength up the middle and we all know how Jackie can save runs with his defense. The reality is that the Sox must find a slugger who can win games with one swing of the bat, but giving up Bradley for that bat is not the answer. Would the Cubs be a willing trading partner with the Red Sox and trade Kyle Scwharber straight up for Bradley Jr? The Cubs would win that trade.

Thinking that Hanley Ramirez is going to have a better year at the plate is foolish. Hanley may start out strong but will eventually revert back to his pouty self when things do not go his way. Where do the Sox turn for the power? Free agent Eric Hosmer would fit the need to fill the first base position in place of Mitch Moreland. His clubhouse leadership cannot be underestimated and Alex Cora could use all the help he can during his first year tenure of Red Sox manager.

Tiger Returns



Tiger Woods made a celebrated return to competitive golf this weekend at the World Hero Challenge. Golf fans throughout the world watched with anticipation to see if he could withstand the rigors of four rounds of golf after being absent from the game since early last February. This wasn’t your typical major or even minor tournament. Only a field of 18 elite golfers participated so there wasn’t the pressure of a missed cut. Woods looked like the Tiger of old during the first two rounds. His power off the tee was strong and he hardly missed a fairway. He was pedestrian with his chipping game which may have been the result of the long layoff. Day three however saw Tiger come back down to earth and he finished tied for ninth behind the champion Ricky Fowler by 10 strokes. Tiger posted scores of 69,68 75, and 68 so he certainly was consistent.

Is the golf game better off when Tiger is in the field? If you talk or listen to his peers, they are pulling for him to be successful. Today’s stars of golf include Fowler, Spieth, Reed, and Dustin Johnson. These four young men kept our interest in the game with their skills and we never knew who was going to be the leader from week to week. Tiger dominated for so long that it actually got boring for a lot of golf fans. I for one welcome back Tiger to the game and look forward to see how many tournaments he eventually can finish during 2018.

Welcome back Tiger

Patience is a virtue


They say patience is a virtue. If you are a fisherman you have patience. If you have children you must have patience. If you want to make money in the stock market,  you better have patience. I have NO patience for watching Clay Buchholz continue to get behind in the count and then give up the big home run. Ben Cherington gagged the big one when he refused to deal Clay last season when his value was high. Clay gave up five earned runs in four innings of work yesterday in the Red Sox 7-6 loss against Tito’s Tribe. How many times must we watch Clay go out there and get hammered by the opposing team and then make excuses (last night he eluded to the 12 minute starting delay) as to why he can’t deliver. Dave Dombrowski and John Farrell better find a way to trade for a number two pitcher in this weak starting staff.

Please ship Clay out to the first team that bites.

Christmas comes only once a year


The Red Sox opened their 2016 season Tuesday and for Sox fans it was like Christmas morning, but remember this, you open up all your presents and then are left with just the wrapping. David Price performed just as advertised tossing 6 innings of pure power and domination of the Tribe. Price had some difficulty in the fourth inning after getting two outs but managed to stop the bleeding. This is exactly what a number one starter is supposed to do. At the end of the day he pitched six innings giving up two runs on five hits and striking out 10 Indians. Game time temps were in the mid thirties and Price didn’t let it phase him.

Price benefited from future All-Star Mookie Betts who homered in the third inning and made a nice defensive play in right in the fifth inning. John Farrell’s job is at least safe for now because Shaw and Brock Holt both helped in giving the Red Sox their first win of the 2016 season. The Big Papi era continued with the retiring DH hitting his first home run of a long victory tour season.

Now that you have enjoyed  Christmas morning, and you are picking up the discarded wrapping paper do you feel good about the next three days when the Sox trot out Buchholz, Joe Kelly and Rick Porcello? When will Farrell decide that either Shaw or Hanley Ramirez is going to sit because of “general soreness” or a maintenance day resulting in a Pablo Sandoval start at third ? Price can’t win them all and the pressure is on the rest of the starters to produce.






Can the Bruin’s avoid playing golf early?

The Boston Bruins finish up their regular season with three home games. Can they avoid a second straight year of missing the playoffs? The Bruins are playing their worst hockey of the season and close it out against Carolina, the Red Wings and Ottawa. The 2015-2016 team has been misfiring almost all season. There have been too many instances of mental mistakes with this team. Another too many men on the ice penalty was called against them in the 6-4 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks this past weekend. Who is to blame for this? Do you trash Claude Julien and fire him at seasons end if they do not make it? I say, yes.. and make some changes to the front office as well. Cam and Don Sweeney will be looking over their shoulder if the Bruins do find themselves out of the playoffs. Why wasn’t Frank Vatrano on the roster the entire year? Why does Claude mix and match his lines multiple times during a game? You can blame the player’s as well, at this point in the season they look tired , with no sense of urgency.

Golf is in their future.