Random musings while waiting for summer to start

Am I the only one who thinks Rasheed will clash with Rondo?

Does anyone still watch the WWE?

Seems McNair couldn’t be satisfied with just one wife and one lover

Who will be the first to hit Brady and knock him on his ass?

Who cares if someone dunked King James, everyone has an off day

I can’t wait until the RemDawg is back in his NESN seat

Next new reality show, Bobek, Harding, and Kate plus eight.

Somehow I think Theo is going to end up with Halladay, and still keep the prospects.

Lenny Dykstra should take a seat next to Madoff

Would be nice to see Joshua Papelbon set up his brother Jonathan

I am reading “Odd Man Out” by Matt McCarthy. I feel cheated though.

Just what is a muffin top anyway?

The reality show Big Brother makes its summer debut tonight, would love to see Manny Ramirez as a houseguest.

Oye Vey, only 59 days until Labor Day???


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