Gridiron Talk

There are ten days to go before the world tunes in to watch Super Bowl XLV111 which will be played for the first time in a cold weather venue open to the elements.

That being said here are my thoughts on the Patriots as they watch with the rest of us.

  • Has Julian Edelman worn the flying Elvis for a final time?
  • New England Patriot coaches are bolting for other opportunities left and right, have they seen the handwriting on the wall that the Patriots are about to enter a period of mediocre seasons?
  • Bill Belichick came off as a crybaby during his press conference re the Welker hit. How about taking responsibility for the loss by explaining your failed game plan to go deep and abandon the running game?
  • Was 2013 Brady’s finest season as a New England Patriot quarterback? The talent that he had to work with was certainly substandard at best, yet he guided the team to one win away from a Super Bowl appearance.
  • The Patriots have seven draft picks in 2014. Will they pick up a stud receiver or go after a DT that can help Vince Wilfork who is coming off a devastating achilles injury, tough to come back at his weight and age.
  • Will Mallett be traded for another draft pick, or will he again be relegated to the bench and watch Brady?
  • When will Gronkowski return to the field, and more importantly can he stay healthy in 2014?
  • Can Josh McDaniel resist the temptation to bolt to Cleveland?
  • Has the point after gone the way of the drop kick? Why not use the Drop Kick as your point after?
  • The Patriots opponents in 2014 had a .515 winning percentage in 2013 so be prepared for another division championship, only to be disapointed in the playoffs.

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