2010 Home Opener


Opening night at Fenway has come and gone, with the anticipation of the game exceeding the actual game itself. Sunday night’s opener marked the 9th time that Boston has opened it’s regular season against the Evil Empire. Sunday’s event started out like the Big Apple Circus which is in town. Resident clown Pedro Martinez returned to toss the opening pitch to his old batterymate Jason Veritek. A 5 year old wonderkid gave a salty speech which was supposed to pump up both the crowd and the team. Was this needed? Isn’t the main attraction of the Sox playing the Yankees enough to ramp up the adrenalin?
I was actually in favor of ushering in the new season on a Sunday evening. What was I thinking? I should have known that a game between the Red Sox and Yankees had no chance of running less than four hours long! I will admit here that I did not watch the entire contest falling victim to the desire to get a full night’s sleep.
As I made my way up to my sanctuary the score was 5-1 in favor of the Yankees with Beckett sitting on the Boston bench. Upon waking to a new day my wife says to me “You should have stayed up for the entire game” “Your Sox came back to win it.” Suddenly I felt that I had let the team down, giving up on them so early in the season.
I opened up the sports pages of Boston.com to read the details of the comeback win against the Empire. Lesson learned, never give up on the Sox-even if it means losing sleep.

Sox notes

The Sox have not posted a winning series at Fenway Park to begin a season since a three game sweep of the Tigers in 1994.


Which Red Sox player will hit the first home run of the 2010 season?