Room to Write

I picked up a great book for potential writers called Room to Write. The book helps you write something every day. I purchased my copy second hand from the Goodwill store. It has become one of my most valuable tools for writing. The book is divided into two hundred studies which guide you and prompt you to write based on a particular topic. What follows is a sample of one of my writing samples which was prompted in the book.

A trail of blood led to the kitchen. The lights were on, allowing a clear view a the body slumped in the wooden chair. Laying on the table was an empty gin bottle, some of it’s contents spilled, but no drinking glass was present. Moving closer I see a small bullet hole over the right ear, blood already coagulating. Jim’s cell phone was on the floor, browsing the internet. As I walked towards the stove I noticed a drawer open. It was a typical drawer filled with items that most people only use once. A few batteries, old eyeglasses, two screwdrivers, matchbooks and some super glue. One item in the drawer was not your typical junk, a small semi-automatic handgun.


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