Clearing out the cobwebs of the sports week

This past week has seen it’s share of sports stories. Here are my top five, or bottom five as you may see them.

1) The revelation of Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington that he tested positive for cocaine use during last season. While I applaud the Texas Rangers management team for sticking by Washington I am appalled at Washington’s complete ignorance of Major League Baseball’s drug policies. As the team manager he is supposed to set an example for his players. How can his team now respect any of his decisions? If the Rangers start of the season slowly, look for Washington to take the fall.

2) Boston Bruins lay down to the Penguins.
This team has absolutely no heart. Where is the passion and toughness of the Bruins? When Marc Savard was hit with a Matt Cooke elbow to the head nobody stepped up to show their fallen teammate some support. The Penguins had a return engagement with the Cubs this past week and our team of Black and Gold acted more like a team of Pink and Yellow. Who is to blame for this putrid showing? Can you blame Claude Julien? I say no. Savard’s mates should take the blame for this horrible act of non support. The Bruins management pulled out all the stops by staging a 1970 team re-union of the Big Bad Bruins. Was this needed to motivate the current team of pansies? I hope not, because if they need a bunch of 70 year old hockey players to motivate them then it’s time for them to hang up the skates and tour with Disney on Ice.

3) Tiger (I am not John Edwards) Woods return to the Masters.
Mr.Woodie returns to the Masters in April. Can he ignore all the media hype that will come with his first appearance since his sexual escapades were revealed? I say yes. He is the best golfer in the world and in order to be the best you have to have it between the ears. Tiger’s concentration has awarded him the titles that he has won over the years including this win at the Masters
Tiger will be playing in one of the most controlled tournaments of the 2010 season. Media members will have the tightest security to have to adhere to which will help Tiger in his concentration. I would be interested however how Tiger reacts to the first catcall that he hears. Golf fans are one of the most timid when it comes to heckling, but who knows, perhaps there is someone out there with a grudge, and he or she will be the first and only one to ride Tiger.

4) The Daisuke Matsuzaka saga continues.
Am I the only one who thinks that Theo totally gagged on the signing of Dice-K to his bloated contract? Dice-K has yet to appear in a Major League spring training game this year, even after supposedly working out in Arizona this past winter. Matsuzaka just arrived back in Florida this past week as he was in Boston Thursday evening to celebrate the birth of his third child a daughter.
Dice-K is scheduled to pitch two innings of a Minor League game on Sunday and then go from there. How much more do the fan’s of Boston have to wait before we see the promised talents of Mr. Matsuzaka? Theo gagged on this one.

5) For all of you baseball fans who were born before 1957 please take the time to read Willie Mays: The Life, the Legend.” by James S. Hirsch. It covers a time when baseball was at it’s purest, the end of the Negro Leagues and the rivalry of the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. A young Willie Mays was thrust upon the scene with all the glory and tribulations that go along with it. If you are a fan of baseball, this book is a must read.


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