Red Sox 2010 Preview

How would you rate the Red Sox offseason moves?

The Red Sox seemingly have finished tweaking their 2010 roster. Are you happy with their moves? Will the Red Sox end up as division winners or as the “bridge” wild card team? I for one am not satisfied that they replaced the home run potential of Jason Bay. This only puts more pressure on David Ortiz to take up the slack. Can David put last season past him? Their line-up is conducive to a lot of 3-1 games. I do not think that you will see them in the top four as far as runs produced goes. Let’s look at the individuals in this watered down lineup.

1st base- Thank goodness that Theo Epstein finally awoke from his dream of having Casey Kotchman as his regular first baseman. Kevin Youkilis can count on being penciled in as the everyday first baseman, but will move to third on the days that Beltre rests, and we all know that Tito loves to rest his everyday players. Boston Herald columnists Steve Buckley predicts a big year from Youk.

2nd base- Dustin Pedroia teased us with his “move me to shortstop” declaration in the off season. Dustin is a hard nosed, gritty ballplayer who wears his passion for baseball on his sleeve. Can Pedroia avoid an injury free season? The Sox need his bat in the line-up in order to stay close to the Yankees.

Shortstop- The Sox signed Marco Scutaro as their everyday shortstop with the jury still out on Jed Lowrie. Scutaro is a career .265 hitter, who can toss the leather. Is he an upgrade over the last shortstop, or even the last two, or three, or four? Do you see a pattern here?

3rd base= The Sox attempted to deal Mike Lowell in the offseason only to have the trade nixed because of Mike’s injured thumb. Lowell was the throw in when the Sox traded for Josh Beckett, but was a valuable player in the 2007 season. Third base now belongs to Adrian Beltre who will be an obvious upgrade defensively, but has a light bat.

LF= Jacoby Ellsbury is your new starting left fielder. Can Jacoby make the transition from center to left? I say yes, it will be an upgrade over Jason Bay.

CF= Mike Cameron was signed as a free agent to upgrade the defense of the Sox. Why would we need an upgrade at center over Jacoby Ellsbury?

RF= J.D. Drew is your everyday right fielder once again. Which player will show up this season? Will he be more consistent or will he once again be a player who has one good month, then a bad next month.

Catcher- Victor Martinez becomes your everyday catcher. It remains to be seen how he will perform coming out of the gate as the starting catcher. Jason Veritek will spell him on the day game after a night game.

DH- David Ortiz must put last season behind him and come out strong during the months of April and May in order to win back the trust of Red Sox Nation. Losing Bay puts more pressure on Big Papi.

Next week we analyze the starting pitching and bullpen.

Give us your thoughts Red Sox Nation!

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