My attempt at writing an informative and interesting blog

2010 is supposed to be filled with promises of a better year than 2009. We all wish that the future is going to bring us more happiness, greater wealth, and better health. Most of what happens to us in our personal lives can be controlled more or less by us, by making the best decisions which we form by analyzing all of the facts before us.

This year I will attempt to blog about both sports and my personal life. I will intertwine this in my blog My ultimate goal is to post something on a daily basis. Writing is a difficult chore, and I will call it a chore until I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. Should I concentrate on word count for my daily writing entries? How many words should be enough to generate thoughts? What topics should be covered in my blog? Do I keep my personal thoughts to myself or do I post them for all to see? These are all questions which most likely will be answered as this process evolves.

I subscribe to many blogs which help you with developing writing skills. Which writing websites are your favorites? What sites do you constantly go back to for inspiration? Feel free to drop me a note or two, or post a comment to the blog. I look forward to my little writing project and hope to improve my writing skills as a result of the blog.


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